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Been A While…

It’s been a while since my last post. Of course, I know that it’s not like I have tons of follower waiting for a new post or anything, but still, it’s been a while.

Well, I write. Usually I talk. But on occasions when there’s nobody around listening or when I feel that written words can convey more than spoken ones, I write. Sometimes in Indonesian, sometimes in English (which I believe is a more comprehensive language). I’ve written more in the past since the era of the old word processor king Word Star 3.3 to the true type font era of Word Perfect until today when you write everything the Office way. I’ve had my share of storing my writings in 5.25″ diskettes which were later replaced by 3.5″ diskettes and later in hard disks and I’ve had my share of losing many many files along those changes as well. But all of that didn’t matter. What I really want to say is this: I write. And I hope that my writings have somehow blessed somebody’s life along the way, even if it’s just one.

So far, there were only 15 posts prior to this one with the first post being some kind of a preface and the other 14 are impersonal faith related articles with some being published in a local church bulletin. And so I guess, I’ll relax my rules a little bit and make this blog a bit more personal hence enabling me to update it more frequently (because I DO have a personal life) but I will still retain the spiritual values in most of the posts because that’s what drove me to write this blog at the first place. In the end, I hope that somewhere between the words you can find something that enriches you.

So without further ado, I announce the relaunch of ~ Life Is Too Short ~ God Is Too Kind ~ and may this blog serve it’s purpose to all of you. Come by to visit often.

Thank you and God bless you.

PS: If you happen to have a Google or Blogspot account, please be kind enough to follow this blog. If you’re a movie fan and you want a different kind of review of just want to discuss the movie, go to sometimes. I also write about places I’ve visited at (but at the moment there’s only 1 post about a very fine dining place).

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The Little Fockers (2010)

We met the parents in 2000.

We met the Fockers in 2004.

And in 2010, Gaylord Focker was back with two 5-year-old twins and a ton of mess-ups including an “affair” with a pharmaceutical salesgirl, a lousy and cheating house contractor, a once (or twice) in a lifetime birthday party, and of course, a 90 minute mental (which later turned to physical) war with his father in law.

After several years of marriage, Greg (Gay) Focker and Pam were now the proud parents of Samantha and Henry Focker whose 5th birthdays were just around the corner. The family wasn’t in their best shape. Sam wasn’t talking to her father and Henry was having a little problem with social life (which he didn’t seem to have).

Jack Byrnes, the ex-CIA father in law was in a desperate need for a successor for his clan’s legacy. He had a heart attack and his first choice for the next family leader, the Bobfather, was proven to be having an affair. So the only viable option was the Godfocker (I know, I know, just watch the movie and you’d understand).

And so the story started. Along came Andi Garcia. Not this Andy Garcia of The Godfather but rather a very charming, beautiful, energetic, easy going, and easily drunk pharmaceutical representative selling an erectile dysfunction pill played perfectly by Jessica Alba. On a side note, like another billion men on Earth, I’m a fan of her. But it had nothing to do with this film other than the fact that I practically held my breath and hit the person beside me whenever she appeared on the screen.

Ok. So the story started. Along came Andi Garcia just when Jack was being very concerned about the affair issue. Throw in some financial and educational problems into the family. Stir it up with a too good to be true ex-lover. Mix it up with misunderstandings and silly prides. Put in some family values (for the sake of the younger spectators, of course). And look what we have here: The Little Fockers.

Well, judging from the movie title, one might expect that the story was more into the children. But apparently, it was not. The main issue here was again the feud between Greg (Gay) and Jack which occupied approx. 90% of the movie. The circle of trust, the cat and the milking, the eye and finger gesture, the espionage , and many other elements were brought back from the first movie. The only new thing here was Jack’s encounter with Google and it’s kind of ironically funny. One thing worth taking note for was that there were many little funny slips of the tongue throughout the movie. And just like all other predictable movies, the climax was near the end of the movie when the two finally fought bare-handed several minutes after jack saw Greg (Gay) seduced Andi (which was actually the other way around).

This movie probably won’t make it to the Oscars. It relied too heavily on Ben Stiller and Robert de Niro, and one of them wasn’t Oscar quality (no hard feeling here, just a joke). But believe me, you didn’t need an award winning movie to make your day. This movie was great in it’s own way. Not to mention Jessica Alba and her charming, beautiful, energetic, easy going, and easily drunk pharmaceutical representative selling an erectile dysfunction pill cast.

I watch, I talk. Feel free to watch and talk by yourself.

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