Adam (2009)

19 Apr
People met and parted in many different ways. Some more memorable than others, while some were more painful. Adam (the name of the movie) told us a story about the meetings and partings of Adam, a 29 year old with Asperger’s Syndrome, and his new neighbor, Beth.

This was, of course, not your normal love story, given that the main character is someone with a mental problem. But throughout the movie, we were given a very important lesson that ‘normal’ is a strange thing for a ‘strange’ person. Just like the other way around. And that lesson brought us to a better appreciation of life, of love, and of other human beings.

The movie started with the burial of Adam’s father, the only person that was able to support him so far (including doing his laundry and buying his food). Afterwards, life wasn’t on good terms with Adam. Subsequently, he lost his job and trapped thick in managing the estate that his father had left. In between those situations, Beth came to his life. From a total stranger, they became neighbors, and then friends, and then close friends, and then lovers. And later it was Beth that brought Adam back on the game. Or so she thought, because when she looked at it again carefully, the line between her helping him and him helping her became very thin.

Beth lived an almost perfect life with a rich father and an even richer ex-boyfriend. But later in the movie we found out that maintaining a perfect looking life cost more than most of us can afford, and we’re not talking about money here. And so, in her quest to pursue her dreams, She met Adam and fell in love with him. Not because of sympathy and also not because of her own heartbreak, but because sometimes a completely strange stranger is the only one that sees and reaches beyond our barricades. And that’s what Beth experienced.

In the end, we were taken to witness how one lie, petty and unintended, and how one word, simple but unspoken, could change the whole course of someone’s life. This might not be your normal love story. This might also not be your favorite one. But you would agree that this is definitely one story worth pondering.

Ending? Good ending. Not necessarily happy, but definitely not sad. If I said anything more, it would be a spoiler.

Just as an extra piece of information, this movie won the Sundance Film Festival for the Drama category.

I watch, I talk. Feel free to watch and talk by yourself.

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