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11.11.11: History Begins Every Morning

It’d be plainly wrong to ignore this date and post nothing. But since I haven’t had the time to think of any topic, I’d just write whatever thought that crossed my mind today.

My Table Calendar
I got the table calendar above from Tag Heuer. No, I didn’t own their products (yet!), I just happened to be at the right place at the right time with the right person (who provided the right answer for the quiz). Engraved on the top of it was “History Begins Every Morning” (no, you couldn’t see it in the picture).

As I set the calendar to today’s date, my eyes accidentally fell upon the sentence. And as I took my 15 minutes walk to get my morning coffee, I thought of what history would begin today, and how special this date was (and betting against myself that there would be tons of people planning their marriages, parties, house warmings, business setups, etc today), and how it wouldn’t repeat itself in another 100 years (which I doubt I would ever experience), and it was then that I realized something.

I woke up. Figuratively. Not today, but some time not so long ago.

Come to think of it, I had been living a blessed life all my life. And at some time of it, I became ungrateful. There were times I took things for granted. I had placed myself in prideful roles among members of my family, among friends, among colleagues and church workers, within relationships, and even to God. I totally forgot that I was too a mortal and a sinner bound to die one day.

But God did send me a wake up call. A rough one at that. The one that reminded me of how Samson had been betrayed by Delilah, had his eyed gouged out by the Philistines, and had been ultimately humiliated in front of his most hated enemies (Judges 16). He chose to live in pride and sin and he got served. He had had his chance, his time, and he ruined it with his own hands (and mouth, actually).

But God is kind. Too kind in this too short kind of life. In the end, Samson fulfilled his lifelong purpose and killed more God’s enemies than he had ever killed before. And today we read about him and his heroic tales to our children. Today we admired him as one of the most influential judges the Israel ever had. We were familiar with his name even more than Ehud or Othniel or even the Deborah – Barak duo. Today, as we can see in Judges 16:30, we believed that Samson lived and died without any regrets left. Today, we praised God because of Samson.

Today, I hoped for the second chance to fulfill my purpose in life just like the one Samson had been given.

So today, I’m fully awake. Much more grateful of my days than I’ve ever been in my whole life. I smiled more. I sang more. I danced more. I enjoyed life more. And I worked on my weaknesses more (so help me, God). Hopefully I would also write more as I had promised.

As we came to a close, how are you living your life today? In all honesty, would you need a wake up call? If you do, have you had yours? Let’s wake up every morning and write our history. The one that blesses people and praises God like the one Samson wrote in his last day. And every time you and I start to stray away from what we should be, let’s remember 11.11.11 and be reminded.

The Coffee I Got This Morning
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[Blog Recommendation] Firdaus’s Blog

I watch, I talk. Others do the same thing as well. So let me introduce you to a good friend of mine, not only a movie enthusiast (as he stated on his own), but also a scriptwriter, a movie director and an actor. Wow. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, *drumroll* please meet Firdaus Salim.

He just started his own movie blog. You can see it here or type “” (without the double quotes) into your browser address. Where I wrote a bigger picture, he went into details, and that’s what I liked about the blog. Sure, he could use a more catchy phrase as the blog title or pay a little more attention to the grammar, but with a content like his, who cares?

So pay a little visit to his site and leave some comments if you please.

I watch, I talk. I also read. Feel free to watch and talk by yourself.
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