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The Forbidden Forgotten

Found ourselves sitting here.

So we found ourselves sitting around a table inside a sushi restaurant last night. Trying to bribe our way back into friendship once again after one of the most unimaginable incident happened. I won’t talk about it, but it involved a birthday cake and a forgotten date. Go figure.

The seaweed (or wakame) salad.

The restaurant (albeit opened not very long ago) just underwent a major renovation. More like fixing a bad first time design rather than repairing or improving anything though. The food was never less than satisfactory every time we went there, hence the decision to go there once again. But somehow, after the renovation, the service was very disappointing, ranging from order and billing mistakes to long waiting time.

The Salmon Brothers: Sashimi and Spicy Fried.

But the food was not bad at all. We even tried out some weird named items and they tasted good. The price was somewhere between “okay, it’s worth it” and “ouch, definitely need to order less” range. I would recommend this place to anyone while openly hoping that they do something about the service.

It was Taiyo Sushi. Located somewhere along Jl. Pluit Putera Raya next to many other fine restaurants.

The Sushis. Can’t quite remember all their names. One Taiyo special, one unagi something, one rhymed with groupon, and one sounded Japanese (DUH!).

The photos were taken with my overused Nikon D80 and Sigma 20mm f/1.8 with available light at ISO 1,600 which explained the low contrast and high noise level of the images.

The birthday cake.

In the end, i guess the bribing went well judging from the photo below. I haven’t ask for any permission to put anyone’s faces on the website yet, but i guess this one wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, my friend. Keep away all the bitterness and have a wonderful year. Hope we don’t forget next year.

For those who wondered, the title IS indeed English. Not some East Russian or South European language.

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An Afternoon Stroll

Shining and inviting.

It was not a dark and stormy night. In fact, it wasn’t dark nor stormy at all. And it’s only afternoon, as a matter of fact. But never mind.

So we were strolling aimlessly one day killing time when suddenly an wild sphere appeared. And the next thing we know, we were there sitting at a small stall just outside Kelapa Gading’s not-so-new Lotte Mart, waiting for the takoyaki to be served. Pretty good actually.

A bit messy, but uiiii nonetheless.

But then, through an unexpected turn of events, we found ourselves waiting for another menu that’s so tempting that we all forgot we were killing time waiting for dinner.

What can go wrong with those kind of ingredients? Answer: your diet.

This one went graaaah!

The stall that served us that afternoon.

In the end, as expected, we still ate dinner as planned. Yeah, like we wouldn’t.

The takoyaki / okonomiyaki / negiyaki stall was one of the Okirobox. I’ve seen them here and there in big malls in Jakarta. Or you can just click here to get to their facebook page.

The pretty face behind the glasses posing with the meal boxes was a fellow blogger, a talented writer, and a good friend. You can find her at (in fact, please pay a visit there, you’ll love it!).

On a side unrelated note, I love my Nikon D7000. That’s all. Thank you for reading. For some readers, I just met you, and this is crazy. But here’s my blog, so leave a comment (or better, spread it around), maybe?


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Step Up Revolution (2012)

It’s another Step Up. The fourth, to be exact. But honestly, it didn’t feel like one.

The movie was okay, actually. In life, you win some, you lose some, you fight back for some that’s worth it. And defining what’s worth your fight was what this film talked about. With a known drama plot, cool dancing scenes, and a treat of old friends reappearing, this movie was hard not to be liked.

But it lacked the competition. Sure, they were involved with some kind of competition from the king of internet broadcast against some meow dub step video or whatever it was. And sure, they were also involved in some kind of a feud with a big resort developer. But those weren’t the competition we want to see in a Step Up installment where their enemies used to own them with magnificent dance tricks until they fought back and seized the glory on the dance floor.

Um. Did I say, “dance floor?”

One very interesting concept in this not so Step Up movie was the dance floor. There was none. Instead, they dance on the street, above and around the cars. They dance inside a museum. Have i mentioned beach club? Also inside an office building and a hotel function hall. Even in a project area with all the containers and stuff. And all the dances were acted as flash mobs when no one’s expecting. Those were actually very cool. Now, if only they could dance more and talk less.

And Moose and his gang are back for like 5 minutes. That’s the best part of the movie. Oh and the lead actress was very pretty. Never mind.

I watch, I talk. Feel free to watch and talk by yourself.

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And Real Life Continues

And real life continues…

Found this page today when preparing for a meeting from my yearly planner that is now used to write down meeting minutes. The rest of the page is empty. Let’s keep it that way for a while.

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A Charlie Brown Memory

“Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, ‘Where have I gone wrong?’.
Then a voice says to me, ‘This is going to take more than one night.'”
– Charlie Brown (by Charles M. Schulz)

I was looking for an idea for the front page when I came across this photograph from April 2012. And I remembered how my days were once filled with Charlie and his friends and their failed attempts to understand (and overcome) life and how, albeit all the failures, they still managed to inspire others.

On a side-somehow-unrelated-note, a journey with worthy companions will always be a journey worth remembering. Sorry I couldn’t join the next one.

The photograph is taken inside The Charlie Brown Cafe, Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Shui, Hong Kong. Worth every single minute and dollar spent.

And in the end, this photo made the front page of without contest.


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Day 1 –

Just My Laptop

And here goes another attempt of me putting on a website to log my thoughts and feelings. Hopefully this time it will be more organized and consistent.Back in 1998, with free hosting from freeservers and a bunch of free FTP softwares, I built which lasted around one and a half year. And then there was the original (hosted by a local hosting company) which lasted for also less than two years.

And then the internet world took a fancy in blogging. I joined the tide and started but not for a long period of time. Mostly because the itself wasn’t much of a keeper anyway. I didn’t like the Notes features from (the next big thing in social networking at that time) so I started and it’s several sister blogs namely the infamous, the almost never updated, and my favorite But it proved unwise for me because later I had a little confusion in categorizing the overlapping posts.So several close friends suggested that I put all the writings and thoughts together which I believe was a good idea and here I was. Learning the bells and whistles of WordPress and resurrect the once again.

So let’s call this day 1. And we’ll see what the next days say about my current attempt.

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