Day 1 –

01 Aug

Just My Laptop

And here goes another attempt of me putting on a website to log my thoughts and feelings. Hopefully this time it will be more organized and consistent.Back in 1998, with free hosting from freeservers and a bunch of free FTP softwares, I built which lasted around one and a half year. And then there was the original (hosted by a local hosting company) which lasted for also less than two years.

And then the internet world took a fancy in blogging. I joined the tide and started but not for a long period of time. Mostly because the itself wasn’t much of a keeper anyway. I didn’t like the Notes features from (the next big thing in social networking at that time) so I started and it’s several sister blogs namely the infamous, the almost never updated, and my favorite But it proved unwise for me because later I had a little confusion in categorizing the overlapping posts.So several close friends suggested that I put all the writings and thoughts together which I believe was a good idea and here I was. Learning the bells and whistles of WordPress and resurrect the once again.

So let’s call this day 1. And we’ll see what the next days say about my current attempt.

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Posted by on August 1, 2012 in It's A Short Life


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