The Forbidden Forgotten

27 Aug

Found ourselves sitting here.

So we found ourselves sitting around a table inside a sushi restaurant last night. Trying to bribe our way back into friendship once again after one of the most unimaginable incident happened. I won’t talk about it, but it involved a birthday cake and a forgotten date. Go figure.

The seaweed (or wakame) salad.

The restaurant (albeit opened not very long ago) just underwent a major renovation. More like fixing a bad first time design rather than repairing or improving anything though. The food was never less than satisfactory every time we went there, hence the decision to go there once again. But somehow, after the renovation, the service was very disappointing, ranging from order and billing mistakes to long waiting time.

The Salmon Brothers: Sashimi and Spicy Fried.

But the food was not bad at all. We even tried out some weird named items and they tasted good. The price was somewhere between “okay, it’s worth it” and “ouch, definitely need to order less” range. I would recommend this place to anyone while openly hoping that they do something about the service.

It was Taiyo Sushi. Located somewhere along Jl. Pluit Putera Raya next to many other fine restaurants.

The Sushis. Can’t quite remember all their names. One Taiyo special, one unagi something, one rhymed with groupon, and one sounded Japanese (DUH!).

The photos were taken with my overused Nikon D80 and Sigma 20mm f/1.8 with available light at ISO 1,600 which explained the low contrast and high noise level of the images.

The birthday cake.

In the end, i guess the bribing went well judging from the photo below. I haven’t ask for any permission to put anyone’s faces on the website yet, but i guess this one wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, my friend. Keep away all the bitterness and have a wonderful year. Hope we don’t forget next year.

For those who wondered, the title IS indeed English. Not some East Russian or South European language.

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