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Gangnam Style Worship

First of all, I would have to remind you that many would find this post offensive. I don’t mind. Although this post was not written to offend anyone or any organization in particular. But I definitely didn’t write this to please anyone either.

So it started about a week ago, when I was having dinner with some friends and they introduced me to this new viral K-Pop music video which was very very funny and entertaining. I even looked it up later and had a great deal of laughs watching the video. As per today, it already had 90 million views. It was called The Gangnam Style by some guy named (or nick named) Psy. You can watch it here.

And then several days later, which was yesterday to be exact, a friend sent me a screen capture of a tweet of a certain senior clergyman from a certain mega religious worship community. Curious as I was, I looked him up for the original tweet and found this:

The Tweet

I took a screen capture and blackened the clergyman’s name, twitter account, organization name, and link for obvious reason. I try my best to be politically correct, FWIW. The attached photograph then interested me even more than the original tweet. I really really have to mention that I did not take this photograph and thus it’s copyright belonged to someone else. If in any way I violated anyone’s copyright, please let me know and I’d take it off this website.

Please don’t sue me… 🙂

I was shocked at first. At the notion that the Gangnam Style (which I enjoyed) found its way into a religious meeting. And also at the kind of attire a woman (or two in this case) was allowed to wear in a religious meeting. We had passed all the arguments about jeans and t-shirts and tank top and many others. But come on, that kinds of shorts should really rang some kind of alertness, shouldn’t they? But then again, I reminded myself, this was not something so unusual these days. So in the end all that I could do was to ask myself, “is this hot pants wearing, Gangnam style following kind of worship the one that I want to be involved in?”

Some youths from my own church several weeks ago sang to the tune of We Will Rock You from Queen in a performance targeted at their peers. I’m not mad or anything. Just very sad that they weren’t critical enough to spend a several minutes worth of googling to do a background check on the song and the original singer. I liked Queen and Freddy Mercury, for the record. But the hopelessness of the song and the tragical ending of the singer weren’t something I would proudly bring forward to present to God. Not mentioning that the peers and all other people who watched it would believe (naturally) that it was my acceptable way of worship.

Some might say that I’m turning into a Pharisee. Some might also suggest that I’m no different than the primordial Rhoma Irama or Fauzi Bowo. At this point, I really couldn’t care less. They’re the ones that should start to care more and in all honesty should ask themselves the question I asked myself.

Talking about honesty, honestly, I’m super sure I liked the Psy version better. At least he had the decency of making it as a laughable material. Not worship material.


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