Me and My Selfish Self

02 Jan
Happy New Year from Crossroad Photography

Happy New Year from Crossroad Photography

I have had this dream ever since I received my first roll of film from my first SLR camera that I bought second hand from a stranger almost fifteen years ago. I talked a lot to many people about it too. But like so many other dreams, it went unheeded most of the time. Not because the passion was not strong enough, but more because the notion of us, doing what we really wanted to do, was selfish. And we weren’t supposed to be selfish. Or at least, in this ever-demanding world, most of us couldn’t afford being selfish. Literally.

But every once in an even-rarer-than-the-blue-moon while, we were given the chances (or should I say, the challenges) to pursue the dream. Some let those chances go by (though often for the better). Some failed the challenges and waited for the next one. Few actually lived in their dreams now. And for the victors, they’re no longer considered selfish because by then, they could afford being it.

So, what gives?

I was one of those who didn’t dare expose themselves to the selfishness. And it served me well all these times. But then the chance came. Had it come a bit earlier, I wouldn’t have waited. Had it come a bit later, probably I’d have had more confidence (and capital) sealed. But I’m through with the ever-piling what-ifs in my life. And I’m especially through with my own dreams-will-be-dreams attitude, hiding a self pity behind a stronghold of responsibilities.

So here I stood today, as early as the first days of 2013, proudly (re)-presenting Crossroad Photography. My selfish alter-ego. I knew well that my several next steps would be wobbly at best. And that meant I would need all the support I could from whoever happened to read what I had here and probably telling some others about it.

I had already set up a facebook page (, a twitter account @crossroadphoto (please follow), and a temporary WordPress blog ( Pay a visit by clicking the links and feel free to retweet, reblog, like, press, pin, share, or anything. That’s all for these one or two months and then we’ll see where all these would bring me.

In the end, some of us were given the privilege to be selfish. I was not. But I was not unlucky either for I found supporting hands that coped with all of these selfishness especially when not all people who cared for me and whom I cared for respect my decision. So help me God.

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