24 November 2015

25 Nov

I ran across a Facebook note of a friend yesterday. Took her long enough to approve my request for sharing it.

Reading those words she wrote, I felt many emotions at the same time. Sadness and disappointment were surely there.

Why not write some more?

The answer were there as well.

… excuse, for sure.

I made excuses for not writing just as I made excuses for many other things. I even made excuses for making excuses. I’m the Great Excusesmith (not a word, save you time from googling it).

But strangely, I also felt a sliver of happiness reading all those words that formed an abstract, thinking to myself that that’s her. Definitely her (not my style, but enjoyable nonetheless).

I wrote my heart out.
Mostly to myself, because dude, why not?
What changes then?
So, life happens.

And among other emotions that I felt yesterday, I missed a lot.

I missed her, been a while since we last ate and drank coffee together.

I missed those times we called youth, when we were younger and carefree. When Oasis was still King and the brothers were still together (she wrote insets of Wonderwall lyrics between random ideas). Although, I did have the chance to see Noel performed in Singapore F1 Grand Prix back in 2012 (no envy, please!).

I missed taking pictures for fun and not for pay.

I missed (just as she did) using my right brain more and doing more than spreadsheets and presentations.

I missed many other things.

In the end, that note worked my emotions and I thought it would be a great share. See what it would do to others, to you.

Leave her a comment, leave me a comment, or anything. Just read. And then probably go write some.


why not?

Click here for the full version of the note.

Click here (semi-orphaned Facebook account) and here to know the writer better. Amid the obvious desperation shown in her writings, she’s actually a fun person.


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