Happy 75th Independence Day

We are definitely a greatly-sized nation. With greatly-sized islands and greatly-sized mountains and greatly-sized lakes and greatly-sized everything. But are we a great nation?

The great nation is the nation that honors its heroes.

– Ir. Soekarno, Indonesia Founding Father

To each his own. But this post, uploaded on a day where we celebrated our nation’s greatest and most glorious day, is dedicated to our heroes, most of them unsung and unheard of, in the front line of Covid-19 pandemic countermeasure. We may celebrate differently this year, but the spirit of fighting for freedom and independence was never out of date.

We are lucky to still have heroes. Superheroes, even. And not all superheroes wore capes. Some of them are medical, some civil, some military. Some are called while some volunteered. But they all have sacrificed. Most lost their precious time, part of them lost their health and wealth fighting this pandemic, and a certain number even lost their lives.

So all kinds of supply profiteering, cheap talks about conspiracy, and attention seeking tricks, swiveling around everywhere, are demeaning, outright petty, and simply cruel. Any negligence to keep our own health and the health of those around us is reckless and endangering.

For anyone who read this, I urge you to do right by your nation and do right by your forefathers. We (can) be great.

Photo by Areza Pahlevi on Unsplash


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An IT graduate, a mathematician, a self-taught musician, a banker, a wealth management specialist, a business development manager in a securities company, a passionate teacher, and a writer with many excuses.

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