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Legally Mrs. Handriyanto


Mrs. Legally Handriyanto

Two of my best friends were getting married this month. And as I stated earlier, I couldn’t be happier. The girl getting married had been a friend for longer than I could remember.

So, witnessing the whole part of the wedding last week, I started to reminisce.

Little girls imagined their perfect wedding scenarios even before they learned how to brush their teeth properly. Some would love to wear gowns heavier than their own weight with tiaras and such, while some dreamed of singing Broadway musical duet up on the stage with their soulmate. It’s kind of written in their DNA.


Well, not all dreamed of heels in early childhood.

Boys? They were much simpler.

The Princess Equation:

Prince + Sword + White Horse > Dragons + Witches + Impossible Tasks

But then, along the way, as I always said, life happened. And many of those little girls (and boys) chose to settle without all those scenarios and tiaras and dragons and what-not. It’s not always settling for less, just settling for something different.

Don’t get me wrong. Settling was good. More often than not, settling was the better way out. Sometimes, even, settling was the only way out. I respected all of you who settled. It took more than courage to do that.



But, some refused to settle. And of my good friend, this I could say. She didn’t settle. I knew that, more times than she told me, she was tempted. And honestly, for her happiness, I thought (and kind of hoped) that she would. Lucky for me, I wouldn’t be writing this if she did.

Last Saturday, she had it all. The prince arrived. And while there were no witches or dragons (well, actually, they were kind of there but nevermind), the prince did fought the modern personification of the impossible tasks. Most memorable for me was drinking something that would not pass even the Fear Factor. He could avoid it and still not lose his dignity. It was only a prank the bridesmaids pulled. But he finished it anyway. In the name of love, or so they joked.


The Prince, The Horse, and The Sword (in no particular order)

But that feat was not the end.

Later that night, the newlyweds performed the Broadway musical duet. That’s when the rest of the world knew for sure that the groom was the real deal. His hands were shaking, the sound system went bad, the band even hit the wrong chord, but he stood there trying to look confident fulfilling the childhood dream of his wife.

And I guess, that’s what you get for not settling.


Happy Wedding! We love you.

PS: I put the name of the groom as the title out of respect. You hit the jackpot, Brother. Enjoy the rest of your life.

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A Lover Boy’s Day


The Wedding Kiss

Two of my best friends were getting married this month. Not to each other, mind you, but to their respective partners. And I couldn’t be happier this moment thinking about both couples and how they proved that fairy tales still happened.

This person, with the photo up there, was the first.

Marrying his high school sweetheart after more than 10 years of relationship, this guy that I already considered as a brother finally earned his lifelong happiness. It wasn’t easy. Believe me, I knew. But not only he survived, he thrived. This lover boy held 120 or more monthly celebration of the date they got together, spent thousands of hours (literally) on the back of his motorcycle making sure his girl arrived home safely (mostly around midnight), worked hard every day of the week to provide everything the bride requested for the wedding, and God knew what else he did in the name of love.

So yeah, he earned this happiness. He DESERVED this. And may God grant him more in days to come.

Once again, congratulations Gerry and Janice. May each day find your hearts a little closer, your lives a little fuller, and your love a little deeper.

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You Are Stronger Than You Think


Bye 2013. Hello 2014.


You are stronger than you think (you are).

Who? You. And me, as a matter a fact. Well, actually that would turn the “you” in the title into “we” but whatever.

And why? Because you (we) endured. Albeit all its ups and downs (and ultra-downs), 2013 didn’t take you (us) down.

So did we win? Maybe. Maybe not (yet). But we did endure. Yet another day, yet another year.

So 2014, bring it on!

Happy new year!



News: Coralice Kids Lookbook Season 2 by Crossroad Photography Is Up

DSC_8901 blog

I did a photo shoot for Coralice Kids several weeks ago and the results (click to see) were already posted earlier. When I checked their website yesterday, it appeared that they had also updated their collections and the photographs were up on their website now. Crossroad Photograhy was even mentioned in the credit title.

Go check it out. They made beautiful clothing for both boys and girls.

Special thanks to Michiko Sutanto and Sevy Augustine from Coralice Kids and all the owners, managers, and staff at Porter House, Pantai Indah Kapuk.

“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.” – Giorgio Armani

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Happy Chinese New Year Everyone

Yup! Happy Chinese New Year...

Yup! Happy Chinese New Year…

Being inside the tradition itself, it was a bit hard to find a little time between trips to and from relatives and families and all. So it was not until today (the third day of the Chinese New Year) that I wrote to wish you a happy Chinese New Year.

Welcome, welcome, the year of the snake,
Cheer up, be jolly, shout, it’s time to wake,
May everything you try to cook and bake,
Returns to you tenfolds or more for your sake,

Oh, and please don’t forget to send to me my take.


Agus Chiawono



Holy Ground

Rev. David on the Pulpit

“… for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” – Exodus 3:5b

This was from the first official combined service of GKY Pluit and PIK at the new worship chamber in GKY PIK. A heartfelt service and communion held on Sunday, February 3rd 2013, which marked a very important milestone in the 39 years of journey for GKY Pluit (with 4 of them shared with GKY PIK).


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Me and My Selfish Self

Happy New Year from Crossroad Photography

Happy New Year from Crossroad Photography

I have had this dream ever since I received my first roll of film from my first SLR camera that I bought second hand from a stranger almost fifteen years ago. I talked a lot to many people about it too. But like so many other dreams, it went unheeded most of the time. Not because the passion was not strong enough, but more because the notion of us, doing what we really wanted to do, was selfish. And we weren’t supposed to be selfish. Or at least, in this ever-demanding world, most of us couldn’t afford being selfish. Literally.

But every once in an even-rarer-than-the-blue-moon while, we were given the chances (or should I say, the challenges) to pursue the dream. Some let those chances go by (though often for the better). Some failed the challenges and waited for the next one. Few actually lived in their dreams now. And for the victors, they’re no longer considered selfish because by then, they could afford being it.

So, what gives?

I was one of those who didn’t dare expose themselves to the selfishness. And it served me well all these times. But then the chance came. Had it come a bit earlier, I wouldn’t have waited. Had it come a bit later, probably I’d have had more confidence (and capital) sealed. But I’m through with the ever-piling what-ifs in my life. And I’m especially through with my own dreams-will-be-dreams attitude, hiding a self pity behind a stronghold of responsibilities.

So here I stood today, as early as the first days of 2013, proudly (re)-presenting Crossroad Photography. My selfish alter-ego. I knew well that my several next steps would be wobbly at best. And that meant I would need all the support I could from whoever happened to read what I had here and probably telling some others about it.

I had already set up a facebook page (, a twitter account @crossroadphoto (please follow), and a temporary WordPress blog ( Pay a visit by clicking the links and feel free to retweet, reblog, like, press, pin, share, or anything. That’s all for these one or two months and then we’ll see where all these would bring me.

In the end, some of us were given the privilege to be selfish. I was not. But I was not unlucky either for I found supporting hands that coped with all of these selfishness especially when not all people who cared for me and whom I cared for respect my decision. So help me God.

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